Tacoma First Samoan Nazarene Church

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Interim President of the SDMI Luita Felagai, and June Coley, Secretary. Sunday School is Every Sunday from 1:00pm to 1:45pm.  All ages are welcome. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International (SDMI) is to carry out the Great Commission to children, youth, and adults in preparation for a lifetime of Christian holiness.

Misiona: O le misiona a le Aoga Sa ma le Soo Ministry Ministries International (SDMI) o le tauaveina lea o le Komisi Tele i tamaiti, autalavou, ma tagata matutua i sauniuniga mo se olaga atoa o le Kerisiano.

Purpose of Sunday School:

  1. To teach the Word of God effectively until pupils are saved, sanctified wholly, and maturing in Christian experience.
  2. To help Christians grow spiritually by involving them in reaching, teaching, and soul-winning ministry.
  3. To locate and visit unchurched people until they become enrolled and regular in attendance.